What You Can Do for Women

Getting involved

The GBA relies on our members and supporters around the world to help us promote the global financial inclusion of women. Whether you’re a bank executive, work to promote financial inclusion, are involved in workforce diversity or are interested in the power of the female economy and women’s empowerment, there are a number of ways you can get involved.

Get Educated

The GBA’s resource library offers a wealth of information from the Alliance and other top researchers on the opportunity represented by the Women’s Market and how financial institutions can best serve it. We also publish a monthly newsletter featuring the latest insights on the female economy and are active on social media.

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Become a Member

Membership in the GBA provides institutions with a global clearinghouse for best practices and a unique platform for peer learning, giving them the resources they need to effectively serve their women customers. We help our members grow their businesses as they economically empower women.

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Spread the Word

You can help the GBA amplify our message. Tell your social networks about the value and power of the Women’s Market by following our social media accounts and sharing our posts.

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Voices for Change