On the Cutting Edge

The GBA collates the results, research, experience and advice of member banks with successful
Women's Market programs, as well as conducts market intelligence research
on the female economy.

Our resource library features publicly available findings from the GBA and our members, as well as third-party research reports and other relevant studies on the female economy. Proprietary information products designed to help members build a profitable Women’s Market program are stored in our password-protected

portal, The Vault. Documents housed in The Vault offer a wealth of knowledge on designing and implementing a Women’s Market program at scale, including examples of successful Customer Value Propositions, effective marketing collateral and exclusive market research.

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    Knowledge Products

    The GBA publishes deep-dive analytical Case Studies, topic-specific In Briefs, and comprehensive practitioner-focused guides. Central to the GBA’s core offering is the creation of knowledge products based on network member experience.

    Links to our most recent Knowledge Products appear below:

    Winning with Women

    Winning the Women’s Market (available in English and Spanish) is GBA’s “how-to” guide, capturing wisdom from members to provide practical examples, methodologies and other key tools for succeeding with the Women’s Market. The full guide is available exclusively to members.

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    Data Analytics

    Our Women’s Market Data Analytics program, available to our members, is the only industry-wide repository of Women’s Market data, offering consistent metrics and definitions, and helping members make the business case for serving women.

    • Women’s Market Data Analytics Platform: launched in 2013, the platform collects, aggregates and analyzes supply-side data from GBA member banks.
    • Data Practitioner Working Group: Launched in December 2014 as a partnership with the Inter-American Development Bank and Data2X, the Group promoted sex-disaggregated data best practices and peer learning across stakeholders.

    Sex-Disaggregating Data

    Only 55% of banks have the ability to disaggregate their customer data by sex.

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    Tactical Research

    GBA’s research to understand the barriers banks face in reaching the Women’s Market is at the forefront of what we do. We conduct studies to build understanding of the size of the opportunity as well as the ways banks can capture it. Research topics include banks’ beliefs about women, women’s attitudes toward banks, their attitudes toward the Women’s Market value proposition and life cycle events that present the greatest opportunity for banks.

    GBA’s groundbreaking study on “How Banks Can Profit from the Multi-Trillion Dollar Female Economy” reveals the four key myths bankers believe about the Women’s Market, as well as the data that debunks these misconceptions.

    Myths Debunked

    Among the myths dispelled by the GBA’s groundbreaking 2014 study on banks’ beliefs about women: Women simply want “feminized” financial products.