GBA Mentoring Program

GBA Mentoring

Created by our members, for our members, the GBA Mentoring Program capitalizes on the deep talent in our network, while acknowledging the staff and time limitations that constrain members from delivering in-field support to others in the Alliance.


As part of the GBA’s ongoing effort to provide members access to critical knowledge and best practices surrounding the Women’s Market, we launched our Mentoring Program in January 2014. The program matches leaders from banks with mature, successful initiatives targeting the Women’s Market to leaders from institutions seeking to implement or improve nascent female-focused programs. Mentees and mentors collaborate on a one-on-one basis to define objectives for success and discuss the strategies that will allow them to achieve those goals.

To participate, each pair commits to eight conversations — usually 1 to 1.5 hours each — over a yearlong period. Support for mentoring pairs is provided in the form of an orientation and training session, as well as ongoing contact via email/Skype with a designated Mentoring Facilitator. The Mentoring Facilitator is a professional coach skilled in mentoring support who is available upon request from participants. Two teleconferences are also held to bring mentoring pairs together to share learnings and progress. This is complemented by two knowledge-sharing webinars on topics participants as a group find particularly challenging.

GBA received a grant from the Metlife Foundation to support the Mentoring Program, which in its first cohort featured the support of mentors from member banks like Westpac, BLC, Banco Nacional de Costa Rica, RBS, dfcu ltd and Garanti Bank.

For additional information or an application to become a Mentor or Mentee, contact Vanessa Van Landingham.


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