GBA Peer Learning

Best Practices and Networking

One of the most unique benefits the Alliance offers members is the opportunity to learn practical wisdom from the real-world experiences our members have on what it takes to build a profitable Women’s Market program. Our Peer Learning activities provide a wealth of information and valuable networking opportunities:

Annual Summit

The Summit brings together the entire membership with an intensive review of best practices, in-depth Case Studies and prominent guest speakers. Our 2019 Summit is scheduled to be held in Paris June 17-19, hosted by AXA.

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Mentoring Program

In our Mentoring Program, individuals from institutions with mature, successful programs are paired with peers from member organizations implementing start-up or early-stage Women’s Market programs to promote best practice sharing and discussion.

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Capacity Building

Our Capacity Building educational programs expose senior bank executives to the best practices of global leaders in Women’s Market programs. Our next Study Tour and our next All-Stars Academy will be held in the first half of 2019.

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