What GBA Does

Building women’s wealth worldwide.

A robust Women’s Market program can be a major profit driver for financial services providers. Membership in the GBA helps ensure the success of these programs through access to a unique platform of peer learning and other resources that allow banks to build their capacity to serve women customers. The Alliance also uses our collective voice to advocate for greater awareness of women’s vital economic role as consumers, investors and job-creating entrepreneurs.

Harnessing the Power of Women

Women are the most powerful force we can use to better economies, but they face a number of barriers to financial inclusion. The GBA and our partners work in 135 countries to build innovative, comprehensive programs that provide women and women entrepreneurs with vital access to capital, markets, education and training.

How We Do It

Peer Learning

We facilitate peer learning across our membership to accelerate the learning curve and help ensure Women’s Market program success.

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Research & Knowledge

We conduct innovative research, collate insight from our members and house essential resources that help them stay on the cutting edge.

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We leverage our collective voice to advocate for desired policy change. Our impact can be seen in the success of the women customers our members have supported.

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The BLC Journey

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