The Business Case: GBA Bank Aggregates

Proving Profitability

The GBA published results from the third year of its Women’s Market Banking Survey, which includes 21 GBA member banks in 17 countries. The data is extremely helpful in proving the business case for a Women’s Market program as well as to display the impact of GBA members around the world.

Key Points

  • GBA members serve around 22 million female customers with around 62 billion dollars in credit and 47 billion dollars in deposits.
  • Survey data confirmed last year’s results: Women are under-served in the market in general as well in terms of total loan volume and savings.
  • Two thirds of this year’s data sample includes banks with younger Women’s Market programs. Banks that have more mature programs perform better with women, including more savings for women, more credit for women, higher products per customer and stronger loyalty with women. In addition, those with mature programs have stronger diversity and inclusion metrics, such as more women in senior management.
  • With this data, we can imply that having a Women’s Market program has a positive effect across the bank.


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Rebecca Ruf 2016 GBA Summit


Vice President, Programs, Global Banking Alliance for Women


“Women’s Market data are key to developing a strong internal business case.”
— Rebecca Ruf