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Michael J. McCord

Managing Director, MicroInsurance Centre at Milliman

Michael McCord Microinsurance Centre 2017 GBA SummitMichael J. McCord is one of the world’s leading experts in developing and managing microinsurance products. His decades of experience include working as controller of a US commercial bank, CEO of a MFI in Uganda, and Regional Director for microfinance programs in Africa with FINCA International.

In 2000, Michael founded the MicroInsurance Centre, an internationally recognized consulting firm and microinsurance thought leader committed to providing three billion low-income people across the world with access to valuable microinsurance products. In September 2017, the MicroInsurance Centre joined Milliman, a global consulting firm with deep insurance expertise and a shared vision for protecting people in emerging markets from sliding back into poverty.

Michael is a highly respected voice in the microinsurance field, specializing in research, advocacy, and development of microinsurance products and processes that meet the unique needs of low-income clients. He is a founding member of the MicroInsurance Network, where he served as Chairman of the Board in 2015 and 2016, and a member of the Steering Committee for the Munich Re Foundation / Microinsurance Network Annual Microinsurance Conference. In 2015, Michael served as head of the Microinsurance Working Group for APFF.

Michael specializes in institutional development for microinsurance, development of new products, and analysis of microinsurance programs. He has worked in over 70 countries for clients that include commercial insurers, foundations, bi- and multi-lateral development agencies, regulators, NGOs and others. In addition to his consulting and advocacy work, Michael has written extensively on microinsurance, including numerous microinsurance case studies, reports and manuals, and has provided microinsurance training to thousands of people across the globe.

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