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Anne Tolmunen

Fund Manager, AXA IM

Anne Tolmunen AXA 2017 GBA Summit Anne Joined AXA IM in January 2007. Anne is the Lead Portfolio Manager on AXA IM’s Gender Lens Investing strategy (Mix’In Perspectives Fund). Anne is also Deputy Portfolio Manager on the Global Entrepreneurs strategy (Global Talents Fund), a role she has held since September 2012. Finally, Anne is the Lead Analyst internally on the Global Consumers sector. Anne joined AXA IM as a strategic auditor, and subsequently became a project manager for the Global Equities division at AXA IM.

Prior to that Anne had been an Analyst on European Equities and US Equities since 2009. Anne started her career as a junior auditor at Arthur Andersen, then became an Inspector at Société Générale Bank in 2002. Anne holds a Master’s degree from ESSEC, a top French Business School and is a CFA charterholder.

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