Womenable is a for-profit social enterprise focused on enabling women’s entrepreneurship worldwide.

About Womenable

Womenable — established in 2005 — is a consultancy that works to enable women’s entrepreneurship worldwide by improving the systems, laws, policies, programs and research-based knowledge that support women’s enterprise creation and growth.

Focus on Women’s Empowerment

Womenable’s mission is to enable women’s business ownership worldwide by working with the stewards of women’s entrepreneurship to improve the environment for the creation and growth of women-owned enterprises. The organization partners with policy makers, multilateral organizations, corporate decision makers, entrepreneurial support organizations and the women’s business community in these efforts.

Womenable actively monitors and assesses policies and programs designed to support women’s enterprise development. The company is the official research advisor for American Express OPEN’s annual report, “State of Women-Owned Businesses.”

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US-based Womenable
was founded in 2005.

The organization works
to further women’s
entrepreneurship by
changing systems and laws.

Womenable serves as
American Express OPEN’s
research advisor on
women’s entrepreneurship
issues, producing its
“State of Women-Owned
Businesses” report annually.