Garanti Bank

With a history of nearly 70 years, Garanti Bank is Turkey’s second largest bank. Its Women’s Market program, established in 2006, was one of the first in the region.

About Garanti

Turkey’s second-largest private bank, Garanti provides a wide range of financial services to its 13 million customers through an extensive distribution network of more than 1,000 domestic and international branches, call centers, and internet and mobile banking platforms. Established in 1946, Garanti is an integrated financial services group operating in every segment of the banking sector, including corporate, commercial, small and medium enterprise (SME), payment systems, retail, private and investment banking, along with its subsidiaries in pension and life insurance, leasing, factoring, brokerage and asset management. With more than US$100 billion in assets and a market share of 13 percent, the bank employs more than 19,000 staff members and has operations in 11 countries.

The Program

Garanti was the first bank in its region to offer products and services specifically targeting the Women’s Market. In 2006 the bank created a Women’s Entrepreneur Support Package designed to help women entrepreneurs establish and grow their businesses. The package provides a variety of products and services tailored to women entrepreneurs’ needs, including bank accounts, credit cards, loans and letters of credit. This was followed by the creation of training and educational tools; networking opportunities, many of which are conducted in partnership with KAGIDER (the Turkish Women Entrepreneurs Association); and the launch of the Women Entrepreneurs Executive School — a collaboration with Bosphorus University to provide women entrepreneurs with business, management and marketing know-how. Garanti also launched Turkey’s first Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award, an initiative that showcases women who have successfully grown their businesses, encouraging more women in the country to become entrepreneurs. As a regional pioneer in this segment, Garanti has been highlighted internationally for its best practices. Garanti was also the host of the 2013 GBA Summit in Istanbul.

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The bank’s women entrepreneur program serves more than 140,000 women, with an outstanding loan portfolio of US$900 million.

More than 5,000 women each year participate in the Women Entrepreneur of the Year Award competition.

497 women have been trained as part of the Women Entrepreneurs Executive School.

57 percent of the bank’s staff is women.

31 percent of Garanti senior managers are women.


The Opportunity - Turkey

  • 73%

    gross enrollment ratio for Turkish women at universities in 2013, according to UNESCO.
  • 38%

    of SMEs in Turkey were women-owned in 2011, according to the IFC.
  • 25%

    gap between Turkish men and women accessing a bank account in 2014, Findex found.
  • 11%

    difference between the number of men and women borrowing from a financial institution in 2014, according to Findex.