BCI is Mozambique’s second largest bank, focusing on banking individuals, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), corporations, and public institutions.

About BCI

Founded in 1996 as an investment bank, BCI’s mission is to actively contribute to the economic and social development of Mozambique while creating socially responsible value for its customers, shareholders, employees and partners. The bank targets individuals, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), large corporations, and public institutions. With assets of almost US$3 billion and over 1 million customers served through 168 branches, BCI has a market share of more than 30 percent.

The Program

BCI is a pioneer in the Women’s Market segment in Mozambique. Its program aims to create opportunities for women entrepreneurs, as well as provide opportunities for personal and business development. BCI’s women’s program provides financial solutions to address the needs of women entrepreneurs, offers access to a knowledge source to help women entrepreneurs manage their businesses and allows for networking between women entrepreneurs. The program was developed in collaboration with the IFC, who provided training, investment and advisory services.

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In 2015, BCI doubled
the amount of credit
available to women
entrepreneurs to
US$17 million.

BCI has worked closely
with NGOs and universities
in Mozambique to provide
women with training and
other educational opportunities.


The Opportunity - Mozambique

  • 83%

    of women over the age of 15 in Mozambique participated in the labor force in 2017, the World Bank found.
  • 26%

    of women in the country had an account at a formal financial institution in 2017, Findex reported.
  • 9%

    of the country's women saved at a financial institution in 2017, according to Findex, but 38% said they saved money that year.
  • 5%

    of women in Mozambique got a loan from a financial institution in 2017, yet nearly half of all women borrowed money that year, Findex found.