With over two decades dedicated to providing financial services to Mexican entrepreneurs, BanRegio has established itself as a strong supporter of SMEs in the country.

About BanRegio

Founded in 1994, BanRegio is positioned as a leading financial institution for SMEs based on its commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and socioeconomic development in Mexico. Today, the publicly traded bank provides a variety of business and working capital loans, leasing, factoring and other offerings via 147 branches in 49 cities across the country.

The Program

BanRegio has offered credit products specifically for women entrepreneurs via a partnership with Nacional Financiera, the Mexican development bank, for the past several years. Many of these products are collateral free or require a limited guarantee. The bank recently launched its Nexo platform, a non-financial services initiative that serves entrepreneurs – both clients and non-clients – under three pillars: Mentoring, Knowledge and Community.

The bank also has a strong internal focus on diversity and inclusion, initiating a support network for female staff, Programa Mujer BanRegio, which offers a space for women to connect, brainstorm and support one another. The bank also recently elevated its maternity programs, ensuring working mothers have flexible hours and can work remotely, and offering additional paid maternity and paternity leave.

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40 percent of BanRegio’s clients are women, holding over 250,000 accounts.

The bank has over US$30 billion in loans to women, representing 26 percent of its loan portfolio.

47 percent of the bank’s employees are women.

39 percent of BanRegio’s branch managers are women.

Women represent 20 percent of the bank’s senior managers.

The Opportunity - Mexico

  • 45%

    of adult women in Mexico participated in the labor force as of 2016, the ILO said.
  • 39%

    of women in Mexico had an account at a formal financial institution as of 2014, Findex found.
  • 19%

    of entrepreneurs in Mexico were women as of 2013, Endeavor México found.
  • 9%

    of women borrowed any money from a financial institution as of 2014, according to Findex.