Banistmo is the second largest bank in Panama and is the only bank in the country listed in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

About Banistmo

Banistmo has operated in the Panamanian market since 1973 and today is part of Grupo Bancolombia – one of the leading Latin American bank conglomerates serving 9 million clients in 10 countries. In addition to a variety of consumer and corporate banking services, Banistmo provides financial leasing, trust asset management, payment, registry, brokerage and securities trading services. The bank has more than 1 million clients, which it serves through a network of 55 full-service branches. Banistmo has a market share of 12 percent and a loan portfolio market share of 14 percent.

The Program

As part of its service-oriented approach, the bank is committed to listening to clients’ needs and providing them with the solutions that meet them. Banistmo recognized the potential that can be unleashed in the Women’s Market by providing women entrepreneurs with such tailored solutions, and is developing a program for women that supports them through every step of their entrepreneurial journeys – from access to finance to advisory services, financial education, mentoring programs and entrepreneurship promotion programs.

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39 percent of
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65 percent of
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The Opportunity - Panama

  • 49%

    of women in Panama participate in the labor force, the World Bank estimates.
  • 64%

    of college graduates in Panama were women as of 2010, the Ministry of Education found.
  • 40%

    of women in Panama had an account at a formal financial institution as of 2014, the Findex found.
  • 11%

    of Panamanian women took out a loan at a bank in 2014, according to Findex.