Learning from the Best

The GBA publishes deep-dive analytical Case Studies, topic-specific Briefing Notes, and comprehensive practitioner-focused guides. Central to the GBA’s core offering is the creation of knowledge products based on network member experience.

Winning the Women’s Market

Winning the Women’s Market is GBA’s “how-to” guide, capturing wisdom from members to provide key tools for launching a successful Women’s Market program. The full guide is available exclusively to members. You can preview it in English and in Spanish.

Toward Uniform Definitions for the Women’s Market

This In Brief looks at how we can move toward common Women’s Market definitions by determining what needs to be defined, what definitions are being used and how to encourage convergence. Read it in English or Spanish.

The Power of Women’s Market Data

This In Brief was compiled based on the experiences of GBA members and partners as a practical guide to support banks that are looking to start disaggregating their data by sex, or those looking to improve their current practices.

Case Study: Westpac

The first in GBA’s series of Case Studies focuses on founding member Westpac in Australia, which has viewed the female economy as integral to its core business for well over 15 years. Read the Case Study in English or in Spanish.

Case Study: BLC Bank

Our second Case Study, on BLC Bank of Lebanon, focuses on the Bank’s work in the non-financial services area, including hosting workshops, networking events, conferences and awards programs. Take a look at the report: English | Spanish.

Case Study: TEB

This third Case Study in the GBA series looks at TEB in Turkey, which has built its reputation among women SME owners as a “consultant bank” through its comprehensive non-financial services offerings. It’s available in English and in Spanish.