Learning from the Best

The GBA publishes deep-dive analytical Case Studies, topic-specific Briefing Notes, and comprehensive practitioner-focused guides. Central to the GBA’s core offering is the creation of knowledge products based on network member experience.

Winning the Women’s Market

Winning the Women’s Market is GBA’s “how-to” guide, capturing wisdom from members to provide key tools for launching a successful Women’s Market program. The full guide is available exclusively to members. You can preview it in English and in Spanish.

The Economics of Banking on Women

Women’s Market data reported by GBA banks demonstrates women are a profitable, stable and loyal segment when given the tools they need to succeed: access to finance, information, education, networks and recognition. Explore the report in English and Spanish.

The Women’s Market for Insurance

As women’s appetite for risk mitigation offerings grows, a strong business case has emerged for insurance companies and banks to deliver tailored insurance solutions to the Women’s Market. This In Brief explores that case using experiences from GBA members.

GBA Case Study: Banco BHD León

This Case Study on GBA best practice bank in the Dominican Republic Banco BHD León explores how the bank’s transformation of its business model to become more gender intelligent has propelled strong business growth.

GBA Case Study: NatWest

This entry in the GBA’s Case Study series on best practice banks features Women in Business champion NatWest, part of the Royal Bank of Scotland. The bank has found great success through its ability to leverage partners in the ecosystem to deliver real value to its women clients.

Case Study: TEB

This third Case Study in the GBA series looks at TEB in Turkey, which has built its reputation among women SME owners as a “consultant bank” through its comprehensive non-financial services offerings. It’s available in English and in Spanish.