Beirut, Lebanon 2018 GBA Summit


The GBA Summit is a must-go for any financial institution looking to tap into the largest and fastest-growing market: the female economy. Participants are able to learn from the best programs in the world, share experiences and lessons learned, and discuss new market approaches and innovations.

The GBA’s convening power brings together top executives from a wide range of financial institutions from across the globe – as well as high-ranking government actors, policymakers, regulators and thought leaders. Attendance is by invitation only.

The 2017 Summit brought together nearly 200 stakeholders for an extremely productive meeting of the minds in London. We expect attendance and outputs of the 2018 Summit, set to be held in Beirut, Lebanon in Q4, will be equally impressive.

Summit Stats

  • 45

    Countries were represented
    by attendees at the 2016 Summit.

  • 200

    Bankers, regulators, government officials and thought leaders attending the 2016 GBA Summit in Washington, DC.

  • 80

    Different organizations participating in the 2016 Summit.

  • 40+

    Panelists delivering engaging, thought-provoking presentations of their work at GBA Summits.