The Power of Women

Untapped Potential

Women are a powerful force in the global economy, with significant untapped business potential.
By harnessing this power, financial institutions around the world are achieving success.


Women make or influence up to 80% of household buying decisions worldwide.


73% of women globally report being unsatisfied with their banking services.


Up to 33% of private businesses are owned or operated by women internationally.


80% of women-owned small and medium enterprises with credit needs are un-served or under-served.

A Path to Prosperity

Doing Well by Doing Good

GBA members make the business case for female financial empowerment every day with their own success stories. We help them drive profits and grow their programs through three key operational areas.

Peer Learning

Peer Learning

Members learn from one another, sharing best practices to accelerate the learning curve.
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Research & Knowledge

Research & Knowledge

GBA members stay on the cutting edge of the Women’s Market with our essential business resources.
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We use our voice to advocate for desired policy change and financially empower women around the world.
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Investing in women: Smart for companies, smart for countries

GBA has a strong international presence, with dozens of members
working to financially empower women and boost economies around the world.

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Latest News

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